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The Hom estate is a more than 200 year old house and a barn in a hilly and panoramic position, right on the edge of Mirna Valley, situated in a small hamlet Hom, 7 km from the village of Šentrupert in the picturesque Mirna valley which winds its way into the Posavje hills.


The property consists of 205,127 m2 connected land plot, of which 2,414 m2 is building land.

On the building land, stands a residential house measuring 115 m2, built in Y1800 renovated in 2006 with two separate living units 43m2 and an additional living room /kitchen on the ground floor (20m2), second is in the immediate vicinity => barn 184 m2 with a space for socializing and a small kitchen. Near the central house are the remains of the former main building which are still visible. In the basement of this building, one of the spaces is renovated and can be used as a storage or wine cellar.

In front of the house you can easily park 3 cars.

Two powerful energy points were discovered on the property near the facilities, which are supposed to further promote well-being. The surroundings are thoughtfully arranged and enables spending quality time in harmony with the nature.

The estate has its own water reservoir of 30 m3, and in the lower part of the land plot has also the source of a small river.

The estate is for sale as a whole, with all the facilities standing on it and free of encumbrances. Ownership takeover is possible immediately after payment.


Šentrupert is a village in the traditional Lower Carniola region in southeastern Slovenia. In the past it was the cultural and economical centre of the Mirna Valley, but after the railway line bypassed the town the centre shifted to nearby Mirna. It is the seat of the Municipality of Šentrupert

Just a few kilometers from the estate you can visit the Gothic church of St. Rupert, part of the European project Gothicmed, where it represents the Gothic heritage in the south of Europe from and is one of the most exposed Slovenian monument.

Škrljevo Castle is located on one of the most beautiful points nearby. The castle was built on a hill west of the village of Škrljevo on the northeastern edge of the Šentrupert plain.

The Land of Hayracks is an innovative project of the Municipality of Šentrupert, which connects the versatile value of the heritage of hayracks with modern forms of tourism and economy. The project involves the municipality, local associations and companies, educational and scientific institutions and many individuals.

The highest peak in the municipality of Šentrupert is Nebesa (eng. Heaven) (602 m), from where the heavenly view of the Mirna Valley extends, and the peaks of southern Slovenia can also be seen: Gorjanci with Trdinov vrh, Gače, Vrhtrebnje and even Snežnik. In the evenings at the full moon, lunar hikes take place from Šentrupert Square to Heaven and the excursion farm there.



Klevevž natural spa - 20 min drive

Šmarješke toplice - less than 25 minutes drive

Otočec - less than 30 minutes drive

Novo mesto - less than 30 minutes drive

Ljubljana center - 45 minutes drive

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Property details

Property code:

Residential house with warehouse and stable

Year of construction:


115,00 m2

205.127,00 m2






Septic tank


Transaction type:

€ 240.000,00

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