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We are a dedicated and professional team, with the knowledge that covers the real estate business from start to finish, making it easier for you to find a new home.


Marko Štimnikar

Director / CEO and Co-founder  / Broker

When you meet Marko Štimnikar, the secret of his successful 10+ years career in real estate deals is immediately clarified: he is the type of person who knows how to communicate with people, a man with a smile on his face with whom you are relaxed and feel good.

His motivation is family, so it is not hard for him to work hard.

When he is not working for the company, Marko enjoys hanging out with friends and especially with his family.

He also finds time for cycling and skiing, and preferably for working in the garden. He said he could be happy because he enjoys the work and nothing is too hard for him.

He is enter in the directory of real estate agents under no. 0283302804.


Lawyer Jera Jančar

Jerica has more than 10 years of experience in real estate law.

At the time of her employment with a real estate investor, she was the holder of a real estate brokerage license, she has a professional master's degree in law and real estate management and she passed the bar exam.

In 2014, she became a lawyer candidate at a law firm in Ljubljana, and since May 2016 she has had her own law firm.

Real estate remains at the core of her operations.

Slovenia Real Estates

Rental services & property management
We work only with licensed real estate agents with significant experiences in the industry. We will know how to assist you in renting your property and avoid inconvenience with the tenant, or guests.
Build your dream house in
As locals with accumulated social capital, we will know best how to make the entire process of building for you easier as well how to prevent local builders for charging you extra.
Legal and tax advice
Our loyal clients highly value us for our ability to cope with legal procedures with respecting the deadlines. With the help of best notaries, accountants and legal experts we work hard to make the sale, rent or management easier for you.

About Us

Sloveniarealestates.com is a startup real estate brokerage with a strong focus on assisting our international clients to find, acquire and manage their assets in Republic of Slovenia.


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