An old Karst(Kras) house with historical architectural style in Komen

In Komen, we sell an old house that is very typical for this region of Slovenia. The architectural details are unique. The house was built in 1935. The plans for renovations are already prepared. 


Create a new life in the existing frame of the building. The property consists of: an old Karst (Kras) house dating back to 1935, partly renovated two-storey outbuilding with a built-in pork kitchen, a courtyard and a garden that is located on the south side of the property. The house itself has been rebuilt and renovated several times during its times, the most recent renovation was in 2002 when the original load-bearing slab was replaced with a reinforced concrete and the roof was completely restored. The roof is now in an excellent condition. Construction permits (PGD) with all required documentation have been obtained for the reconstruction of the outbuilding, it is planned ot be turned into a residential object. All consents for the reconstruction were obtained, including the considered cultural protection conditions of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (Nova Gorica).

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Property details

Property code:


Year of construction:


237,00 m2

309,00 m2


Transaction type:

€ 150.000,00

Proximities to:

12 km

94 km

Ronchi - airport :
23 km

Sežana :
24 km

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