There is no limit for a citizen of a EU member state to buy a property in another EU member state. We highly suggest you get familiar with the local legislation before acquiring a property of your interest. As many as the Member States of EU are, so is the number of legal systems, which can however be subdivided into even smaller entities. Given example: costs of notary in Slovenia for a real estate of a hypothetical value of 20,000.00€ will cost you less than 200.00€ while in Italy that cost would be around 4,500.00€ (if a loan included).


as a country with the Euro currency and as one of the members of the European Union, offers a very good investment environment which does not know the real estate tax, at least not in the form as it is known in the larger European Member States. Corporate income tax in Slovenia is 19% and has risen to 20% since 2020. Personal income tax ranges from 19% to 50% (2018). Value added tax amounts to 22% and 9.5%. A 9.5% tax is also levied on new buildings and on the sale of building plots. Profit tax is projected to increase slightly in the coming years. 

Slovenian GDP growth is exported-led and fueled by demand in larger European markets. Between 2014 and 2016 annual GDP growth was above 2.3% while in 2017-18 it reached 5%. Stubbornly high unemployment fell below 5.5% in early 2018 thanks to strong exports and increased consumption that boosted labor demand.

Citizens of the OECD, EFTA and EU are eligible to purchase real estate in Slovenia. Citizens of Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania need a positive decision on reciprocity when acquiring property rights.

If you decide to rent an apartment out for long-term period of time (let's say you made an investment in Slovenia), you can expect to be taxed around 22% of the value of rent for legal entities, or 27% for physical person. The new law (2018) also mentions rents in a sense that it limits them by requiring they be as close as possible to the average rent of the concerned area.


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When buying a property in Italy you face two options; or you buy a property as your first house - or as your second house. These are two choices that are going to influence the total amount of cost regarding the purchase as well will influence your future TAX contributions. For example, if you buy a house as a first house then the cost of transfer is going to be much lower (2% instead of 9% tax). As well the you will be exempt from s.c. IMU. The opposite is true when buying a house as a second house (you will not be exempt from paying IMU and the tax of 9% will be applied when for the transfer). Ps. also keep in mind that if you do not need a loan but pay full amount in cash, the costs for notary will be significantly lower.

When making an offer for acquisition you need to deposit a small amount of cash to the agency, later on when signing a contract you can expect to be charged for the services of RE agency (provigione), there will be as well cost of the notary. Plus taxes and costs concerning bank loan and mortgaging.

The sum of IMU depends on your reddito catastale that can be provided to you by the real estate agency marketing the property that caught your eye. 

The logic of Italian real estate legislation is that in case you are acquiring an apartment for yourself, a property that will sooner or later become your home, then the taxes, contributions and costs will be comparable to other EU member states. While if you are purchasing a property as an investment then in this case the numbers will not be in your favor. In order for an apartment/house to become your home please keep in mind that you will need to register your residence at the address of the purchased property within first 18 months after the transfer finalization. Your income will be then subject to Italian tax system.

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Mobile houses 

Within our offers you can find as well the option to purchase a mobile house. The house is of standard production which means that any additional changes to the standardized frame would mean additional costs. These changes could occur in regards to architectural demands of a municipality where the land plot is located. The houses are built from a very high-quality wood (spruce) and come equipped with the bathroom, toilet, boiler (80 L), windows and doors. Floors are covered with laminate, but there is the option for having ceramics as well. Beds and other furniture need to be purchased additionally. Color of the mobile house is within the client choice, we use two layers of UV protective color. Mobile house comes with all the electric installations already installed and with the outflows and drainage (e.g., for washing machine).

The product is CE certified and in the price a guarantee of 5 years is included if terms of use are respected. As well the costs of delivery are included in the price (there is a VAT). The house once delivers needs to be connected with the required infrastructure (electricity, water, septic tank).

We offer models of (exterior sizes are given): 18 (on the picture), 35, 42, 60, 72 in 85. Time of delivery is about a month and a half for the standard frame.

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