When buying a property in Italy you face two options; or you buy a property as your first house - or as your second house. These are two choices that are going to influence the total amount of cost regarding the purchase as well will influence your future TAX contributions. For example, if you buy a house as a first house then the cost of transfer is going to be much lower (2% instead of 9% tax). As well the you will be exempt from s.c. IMU. The opposite is true when buying a house as a second house (you will not be exempt from paying IMU and the tax of 9% will be applied when for the transfer). Ps. also keep in mind that if you do not need a loan but, the costs for notary will be significantly lower.

When making an offer for acquisition you need to deposit a small amount of cash to the agency, later on when signing a contract you can expect to be charged for the services of RE agency (provigione), there will be as well cost of the notary. Plus taxes and costs concerning bank loan and mortgaging.

The sum of IMU depends on your reddito catastale that can be provided to you.

The logic of Italian real estate legislation is that in case you are acquiring an apartment for yourself, a property that will sooner or later become your home, then the taxes, contributions and costs will be comparable to other EU member states. While if you are purchasing a property as an investment then in this case the numbers will not be in your favor. In order for an apartment/house to become your home please keep in mind that you will need to register your residence at the address of the purchased property within first 18 months after the transfer finalization. Your income will be then subject to Italian tax system.

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