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Sloveniarealestates.com is a project launched by Venexia Team d.o.o. with the aim to assist foreign buyers and sellers on the Slovenian real estate market.

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Our main project is called Sloveniarealestates.com, which was launched with the aim to increase Slovenian real estate market demand. The goal is achievable by presenting the Slovenian real estate market in a best possible way to potential clients from abroad. Therefore, the website https://sloveniarealestates.com/en was established. The website is in English language as this West Germanic language is spoken by around 1.5 billion people around the world. Our vision is to have our webpage translated into several other world languages (e.g. Italian, German, etc.)

We work with the verified Slovenian real estate agencies that are strong in their local real estate market of Slovenia. We guarantee response rate to our clients’ inquires within 24 hour and we work hard to make a British buyer or a French seller familiar with Slovenian business practices. We offer as well communication in English, Italian and French
. In this specific moment, we do not provide communication in German language to our German clients but we provide documents translated into German.

One of the company's values ​​is being environmentally friendly. Sloveniarealestates.com takes great care of the environment by doing business with the help of e-commerce tools. Printed versions of documents are not used unless explicitly required by Slovenian law.

We offer our service to sellers and buyers of real estate and we welcome you to visit us: You can reach us at the address: Martinuči 3A, 5292 Renče.

We advise you to inform us about your visit at info@sloveniarealestates.com. In doing so, we will advise you about: where to stay in Slovenia and how reach our office.


sloveniarealestates.com - Slovenia

Buy, rent, sale

If you would like to buy a property in Slovenia, Croatia or Italy we invite you to look up at our offer. As well you can contact us since we do not publish all of the properties for which we know are on the market.

Properties for Rent for a period more than a month are as well what we offer. This type of offer could be defined as entering into an agreement with the tenant for a certain period to use a property. At the moment the demand for this type of agreement is high what has as a consequence a lack of supply on the market.

Would you like to sell your property with us? We offer more options of collaboration. You can be private seller and take care of the contract with a potential buyer, and would like to hire us just for advertising, in that case based on an advance invoice payment we provide you with advertising on sloveniarealestates.com, and on other European markets through our contacts.

Second option would be defined as all-in-one package. For a commission, we take care of advertising your property, searching for a potential client, coordinating negotiations, preparing the pre-contract or contract, until the new owner is registered in the land registry book. We work only with verified agencies each covering a certain region in Slovenia.

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Property management

This type of rental includes less legal agreements than the standard rental (1+ month). On the other side it does include advertising the property on travel metasearch engines, welcoming guests, property maintenance, providing cleaning service after each stay as well other services connected with hospitality business. Before taking on any such Management we consult with our clients, since certain locations offer higher profits through long-term rental then holiday rental.

If you are an owner of a property in Slovenia or Croatia and would like to rent your property out long-term, then we are the right address for you. Long-term rental services include preparing the contract, receiving the deposit, monitoring the tenant, invoicing the costs to the tenant.

Sometimes we prepare the signature of the contract in front of the notary depending on the nature of each individual agreement and with the aim to minimize the risk that comes from obligations of the tenant as well from the obligations of the landlord.

sloveniarealestates.com - Services

Building & Legalisation

In year 2018 Slovenian construction legislation was prominently reformed. Some stages of building process have been facilitated. If you decide to start a building project in Slovenia we will provide you with the best advice and share with you our contacts in building industry that we trust due to our long-term cooperation.

ILegalization is obtaining administrative permits for buildings that are illegal or built in a way that deviates from the building permit. Before starting the legalization process, it is necessary to check whether the legalization of the facility is possible.

sloveniarealestates.com - Services

Tax & legal advice

Obtain your Slovenian tax number, obtain your Slovenian interior registration number, have an authorized representative in Slovenia.

For setting up a company in Slovenia you need 7.500€ of initial capital that guarantees for you, then a named director who cannot be the owner of the same Ltd at the same time, if the director is the same person then a contract of employment must be signed between him and the company.

Slovenia Real Estates

Rental services & property management
We work only with licensed real estate agents with significant experiences in the industry. We will know how to assist you in renting your property and avoid inconvenience with the tenant, or guests.
Build your dream house in
As locals with accumulated social capital, we will know best how to make the entire process of building for you easier as well how to prevent local builders for charging you extra.
Legal and tax advice
Our loyal clients highly value us for our ability to cope with legal procedures with respecting the deadlines. With the help of best notaries, accountants and legal experts we work hard to make the sale, rent or management easier for you.

About Us

Sloveniarealestates.com is a startup real estate brokerage with a strong focus on assisting our international clients to find, acquire and manage their assets in Republic of Slovenia.